Shopify Custom App Development – LA Studios

Shopify Custom App Development

We provide the ability for our clients to add custom functionality to their website. 

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    User Discovery Session

    Since some clients have their own idea on how they want their website to turn out like, we make sure to provide clients with the best way for them to portray their customize app on Shopify.

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    Project Objective

    We make sure to know the main objective of the project that is to develop so that we are able to know what app is required to be in the customized web page.

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    Project Scope

    We have to keep updated with the project scope requested by client so we know what needs to be achieved and what must be done to deliver the project.

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    Project Schedules

    By having a project timeframe, it can help our team to estimate the time taken for each task to be done gradually and how to deliver the project on time.

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    Project Estimate

    It is important to know the estimated project cost needed to come up with customizable app in Shopify.