About us

Our history

Since its founding as a modest web design studio in 2012, LA Studios has grown into a full-service agency driven by a team of experienced & enthusiast young creatives and developers.

We have been helping many business owners to solve their business problems in optimising workflow production and marketing challenges in the digital era.

Our mission is simple — consistently deliver ideas and technology solutions that solve the problem and exceeds client expectations. Everything we do, we do in an open, transparent and collaborative environment.

Awards and recognition

LA Studios was certified as one of the Shopify Expert Malaysia in February 2018. We become the third Shopify Expert in Malaysia. Shopify is a world known e-commerce service provider who hosted more than 800,000+ online store worldwide with more than $82B+ in sales.

Company info

Name : LA Studios Technology Plt (LLP0017657-LGN)

Office Address : B-1-8, Vista Alam, Jalan Ikhtisas 14/1, 40000 Shah Alam, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia

Enquiry : enquiry[at]lastudios.com.my